SCADA Control systems

We Design & install Fibre Optic Networks.

We are specialists in the field of SCADA control systems .

From design to implementation we  provide PLC software development, commission and support services.

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Waste water treatment.

Design and implementation of waste water treatment  processes.

Mechanical electrical controls, system installation and commissioning.

Process control and monitoring instrumentation.

Control system and SCADA software development.

Planned and reactive maintenance.

Clean Water treatment.

Design and implementation of clean water treatment  processes.

Mechanical electrical controls system installation and commissioning.

Process control and monitoring instrumentation.

Control system and SCADA software development.

Planned and reactive maintenance.

Mechanical Installations.

Supply and installation of pumped systems on both clean and waste water environments within the Utility Industries.

Pumped systems installed and commissioned across a range of process industries.

Electrical Installations.

Design and build of control panels and electrical systems.

Supply and installation of process instrumentation.

Testing and commissioning of electrical control systems.

SCADA  control systems.

Development and implementation of SCADA based control systems.

Software development for PLC’s across a range of manufacturers.

Testing commissioning and ongoing support.

Fibre-optic Networks.

Design and installation of fibre optic networks, including the supply of panels .


Planned and reactive maintenance of single and multi-site plant systems.

Mechanical Electrical systems software support.

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Electrical, Mechanical & Control Instrumentation Specialists.

  • NICEIC Approved.
  • FIA Fibre Optics.
  • ISO9001 QA approved
  • OHSAS18001 Safety.
  • Achilles Verify 5.
  • ISO14001 Certified.
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Control Systems

The decision to select and implement the correct process control or automation system is crucial to the success of a project. The wrong decision can lead to increased costs in developing the control system, which can lead to delays in production. With an increasing choice of systems and software solutions it is understandable that companies are not aware of all the options.

At Ramptec we have experience in many instrumentation, PLC, and SCADA products to ensure a fully integrated solution from primary field instrumentation, through to the plant SCADA system. Whether you need a new control system, to expand an existing system or require expert knowledge to help you decide the best route for your investment, Ramptec can provide an independent and informed view to give the optimum solution at any or all of the following stages.

Design and Consultancy

Throughout the conceptual and feasibility stages of a project, Ramptec ensure that the type of system offered gives complete functionality and future growth potential.

User Requirement Specification

To produce a User Requirement Specification (URS) the control philosophy is established and combined with the requirements for the project. This is a complex and time consuming task, which Ramptec have completed for a number of clients and have gone on to successfully implement the system.

Functional Design Specification

At Ramptec we know that the production of an accurate Functional Design Specification (FDS) is key to the successful implementation of a project. Our engineers are skilled in the production of an FDS and liaise closely with the client’s engineering and production staff to ensure that the requirements are satisfied.

Systems and Software Programming

Ramptec are approved systems integrators for the leading SCADA and PLC solutions, including:

Allen Bradley / Rockwell, Siemens, GE Fanuc, ABB, Mitsubishi, etc.

With our experience in all fields of control systems and our commitment to the development of staff in this field, we ensure that our clients always receive the most up to date and efficient solution.

Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

The facilities at Ramptec, together with our team of trained systems engineers, means that we are able to offer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) thus providing a complete service from concept to project handover.


Finally, we offer contract maintenance for all systems. More and more companies are looking to outsource this activity. Whether it is an existing or a new project we can provide the solution.


Ramptec offer services and equipment to meet the demands of modern, industrial data networks, ensuring a high integrity solution with future proofing built in. Through a policy of training and continual development we ensure that our staff remain at the leading edge of this fast moving area.


Ramptec’s awareness of the key elements of network design, speed of access and security, ensures that these features are incorporated within a network from the design stage.

Network Installation

Ramptec’s engineers are fully trained in the installation and testing of CAT5 Ethernet, Profibus and fibre optic installations and testing data networks for industrial and commercial applications.

Ramptec is an FIA (Fibreoptic Industry Association) accredited company

Engineering Design

At Ramptec we are experienced in producing turnkey design packages, spanning the whole project life-cycle. Alternatively, clients may require assistance on a particular design element of a project. We are able to offer engineering services for any stage of a project:

Conceptual design and feasibility studies

Enabling client’s to make informed decisions on a project’s viability prior to major capital commitment.

Project cost estimates

Tied in with project feasibility, the production of cost estimates enables the provision of information such as capital expenditure and return on investment to the project sponsors.

Hazard and Operability (HAZOPS) studies

Attendance at Hazop meetings and documentation of all aspects impacting on the project design.

Tender documentation

Production of technical specifications and commercial requirements, to enable vendors to produce accurate quotations, meeting all criteria.

Bid appraisals

The quotations submitted are analysed for commercial and technical compliance to eliminate non-conformant bids, short list potential vendors and make recommendations for order placement.

Site audits

Attend sites to assess the condition and operability of all site equipment. This enables clients to determine remaining asset life and maintenance needs, which in turn impacts on project scopes.

Detail design packages

Provision of a complete design package produced on our CAD system, enabling site installation by third parties if necessary.

Operation and maintenance manuals

Compilation of all documents relating to plant operation and maintenance, including operating instructions, full design documentation, health and safety plans, spare requirement, maintenance plans and all manufacturer’s literature.

Current Clients include:

  • United Utilities
  • Veolia Environmental Services
  • Balfour Beatty Utility Services
  • Nomenca
  • Hidrostal Pumps
  • GCA JV

References may be provided on request along with a list of previous projects.

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