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Case Study - The installation and commissioning of telemetry equipment.

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Waste water treatment.

Design and implementation of waste water treatment  processes.

Mechanical electrical controls, system installation and commissioning.

Process control and monitoring instrumentation.

Control system and SCADA software development.

Planned and reactive maintenance.

Clean Water treatment.

Design and implementation of clean water treatment  processes.

Mechanical electrical controls system installation and commissioning.

Process control and monitoring instrumentation.

Control system and SCADA software development.

Planned and reactive maintenance.

Mechanical Installations.

Supply and installation of pumped systems on both clean and waste water environments within the Utility Industries.

Pumped systems installed and commissioned across a range of process industries.

Electrical Installations.

Design and build of control panels and electrical systems.

Supply and installation of process instrumentation.

Testing and commissioning of electrical control systems.

SCADA  control systems.

Development and implementation of SCADA based control systems.

Software development for PLC’s across a range of manufacturers.

Testing commissioning and ongoing support.

Fibre-optic Networks.

Design and installation of fibre optic networks, including the supply of panels .


Planned and reactive maintenance of single and multi-site plant systems.

Mechanical Electrical systems software support.

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Electrical, Mechanical & Control Instrumentation Specialists.

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  • FIA Fibre Optics.
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  • Achilles Verify 5.
  • ISO14001 Certified.
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5th Case Study

Basic Data

1.Project title

Telemetry Installation and Commissioning

2.Services Provided

The installation and commissioning of telemetry equipment.

3.Type of work

Panel Building, electrical control engineering inclusive of site commissioning.

4.Type of client (i.e. government department, housing association, developer)

Utilities – Water Company

5.Project Location

Various sites throughout the North West

6.Project value

Framework contract against a schedule of agreed rates

7.Project start/end date

June 2005 ongoing

8.Project Details

This framework contract involved working closely with our client’s telemetry department, effectively acting as the installation and commissioning arm of this department. This requires co-ordination of resources, site equipment and materials

The work ranges from commissioning signals installed on major contracts to adding a single signal; installing and commissioning a new telemetry system on site.

Essential Case Study Components

Key Project Principles/Objectives

  • To obtain best value on a multi site project.
  • Working closely with the client’s engineers to provide a flexible service.
  • To respond at short notice to end user requirements

Key Challenges

Planning: The requirements on this contract resulted in lack of continuity for resources, however the specialist knowledge and experience needed to support the contract required us to have a number of staff who would be available at relatively short notice. This was achieved by having a number of staff trained by the client and also having staff ‘shadow’ more experienced staff until they were fully competent.

Budget: The extended period of this contract resulted in regular negotiations with staff to ensure we could provide the services required against the rates agreed.

Successful Outcomes/ Project Highlights:

  • Flexible response to clients requirements
  • Maintained cost levels throughout project
  • Delivery of all contract requirements

Key targets and project measures - comparative to industry standard (e.g. KPIs):

  • In addition,
  • Delivery of commissioning documentation
  • Zero accidents on site
  • Close working relationship with clients engineers

Project Highlights

  • Maintaining the level of trained resource throughout contract.
  • Providing solutions to site based issues.
  • High level of communication with client
  • Good working relationship maintained throughout contract

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