DSEAR Modifications (Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)

Services Provided

During this project we provided electrical and control engineering and site services within confined spaces. The works were on various sites across the North West for United Utilities.

Type of work

The design, supply and installation of electrical equipment on existing sites to ensure the site meets the DSEAR regulations.

Key Project Principles/Objectives

  • Produce a design ensuring that all components of the installation meet the DSEAR Regulations
  • To obtain best value on a multi site project which involved co-ordination of designs, manufacture and installation.
  • Working closely with the client to minimise any disruption to network operations.

Key Challenges

Planning: With a long lead time of Ex equipment client liaison was critical in planning installation dates. Regular meetings were held with the client to update on deliveries and to discuss scheduling and methods to be used during the installation phase.

As a multi-site project site access needs to be coordinated in advance. This involved regular client liaison and visibility of planned work to all parties involved.

Budget: The equipment supplied was specified by the client and purchased by ourselves. To ensure that agreed costs were adhered to we had to work closely with our client during the procurement stage negotiations with our suppliers.

Time: The long lead time of Ex rated equipment extended the project programme, however this was minimised by working closely with our suppliers to identify long delivery equipment which was ordered as early as possible.

Other Design Issues: As well as the work detailed in our scope we had to ensure that all other elements of the site installation met the DSEAR Regulations. This was achieved by training of our engineers and technicians. This training involved attending sessions given by the clients engineers and also by having our staff trained as COMPEX certified to carry out inspections and installations in hazardous areas.

Successful Outcomes/ Project Highlights

  • Minimum downtime and disruption of operational sites
  • All equipment installed meets DSEAR Regulations
  • Client had full knowledge of work carried out and work scheduled.

In addition, the project was completed on budget, on time and with zero accidents on site.