Automated Control

The decision to select and implement the correct process control or automation system is crucial to the success of a project. The wrong decision can lead to increased costs in developing the control system, which can lead to delays in production. With an increasing choice of systems and software solutions it is understandable that companies are not aware of all the options.

At Ramptec we have experience in many instrumentation, PLC, and SCADA products to ensure a fully integrated solution from primary field instrumentation, through to the plant SCADA system. Whether you need a new control system, to expand an existing system or require expert knowledge to help you decide the best route for your investment, Ramptec can provide an independent and informed view to give the optimum solution at any or all the following stages

From design to implementation we provide PLC software development, commission and support services.

Systems and Software Programming

Ramptec are approved systems integrators for the leading SCADA and PLC solutions, including:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Rockwell
  • Siemens
  • GE Fanuc
  • ABB
  • Mitsubishi

With our experience in all fields of control systems and our commitment to the development of staff in this field, we ensure that our clients always receive the most up to date and efficient solution.