Electrical and Instrumentation Site Services

As companies look to rationalise, there is often a gap left in the maintenance and project departments for systems, instrument and electrical expertise. Ramptec will supply engineers and technicians to support or fill the loss in expertise on site.

Control Panels

Ramptec design, manufacture and install plant control panels from multi-tier MCC’s to single loop control stations.

Installation and Commissioning

As a NICEIC accredited company, Ramptec are able to carry out fully compliant installations of site electrical and instrumentation equipment. Our engineers, technicians and craftsmen all undergo an in-house safety induction and attend the SCATTS, or ‘Safety Passport’, training course prior to working on site. This is generally accompanied by site specific safety training which is carried out in conjunction with the client’s safety personnel.All installations carried out by Ramptec are tested, commissioned and documented by our engineers. This service is also carried out for clients on equipment installed by third parties. Our experience and training enables Ramptec to commission E & I installations from the primary element through to the control system software.

Ramptec can extend planned maintenance to include 24 hour or breakdown maintenance. Response times of two hours are available ensuring minimal plant downtime, hence greater productivity. This support package is unique to each site and will be tailored to meet a client’s needs.

For all projects carried out, Ramptec offer training for the client’s operators and maintenance staff to ensure the full potential of the new installation can be realised. Training courses are customised, to be carried out at any location to minimise any disruption.

Ramptec provide electrical and instrumentation (including PLC systems ) maintenance services. We produce planned maintenance routines to suit client’s requirements. Alternatively, scheduled maintenance routines produced by the client are implemented by Ramptec.. In either case full site audits are carried out by Ramptec from which maintenance plans are produced. This enables accurate asset management, reduced stock levels, preventative maintenance, minimal downtime and improved quality controls. This service also enables clients to plan annual shutdowns without impacting on in-house resource.